Using the Survey Tool

The survey feature is probably one of the most underused features in Bb. It can be used to elicit anonymous feedback from students about their experiences in the course, however there are many other creative - pedagogical - ways to put it to use. For example, instructors can use it as a pre and post test environment for customizing a unit of study and assessing students' level of comprehension. Students really like the anonymity and appreciate debriefing the results in class. The survey can be used to debate a hot topic, vote on an issue, and collect a group profile related to particular experiences/areas of expertise. In short, the survey tool can be used in as many creative ways as with the Discussion Forum and online tests. Students can be rewarded with marks/bonus points for participating in the surveys. A new feature in the latest upgrade is the inclusion of a Likert scale to the Survey tool.

Submitted by Dr. Rob Gibson, Friends University