Digital Dropbox

The Digital Dropbox is not the best tool for collecting electronic student assignments. In fact, we discourage you using it because it is cumbersome and unwieldy. Rather, the Assignment Tool is the preferred option to use for digital submissions. The advantages are many:

The Assignment Tool allows the students to submit multi-part assignments under one submission heading - saving as they go between uploads;

It automatically creates a grade book column and filters the assignment to the correct student in the grade book;

Assignments can be "bulk" downloaded from the grade book in a packaged (zip) format to be graded off-line, or graded inside Blackboard. Faculty can "bulk erase" the assignment from the grade book. The Assignment Tool is accessible inside any Content Area (Instructor view only) on the right-most side of the Content-Add toolbar under the pull-down menu. (Look for the red globe icon with the ‘plus sign' (+) and choose Assignment.)

Submitted by Dr. Rob Gibson, Friends University